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Packaging machinery plant BALENKO was founded in 1995 as a result of realization of new ideas in the sphere of packaging technology.

Since that time we’ve been producing universal, specialized and unique packaging machines and today our company is a leader in engineering and production of modern packaging machinery.

Specialists of our enterprise set up a complete cycle of commercial production: projecting, production and after sales service of modern high-technology machinery for food industry.

Packaging machinery plant BALENKO renders a full set of services: from projecting to delivery of machinery, starting-up and adjustment and training the personnel in new modern production technologies.

In the process of machinery production we use the most reliable utility of world leading producers FESTO, СAMOZZI, MOTOVARIO.

Today for enterprises of food, chemical, cosmetic industry Packaging machinery plant BALENKO is producing, realizing, and serving:

  • machinery for collation transit package
  • machinery for individual and collation consumer package
  • machinery for batching and packaging of liquid and paste products
  • machinery for batching and packaging of loose products 
  • labeling machines for self-adhesive labels
  • conveyor belts, conveyorsочному оборудованию /
  • utility for packaging machinery

Machinery is certificated in conformity with Ukrainian State Standard Specification of quality and safety.

Main principles of our work:

  • individual approach to everyone;
  • high qualitative machinery;
  • execution of an order as soon as possible;
  • constant technical support.