Balenko Plant of packing equipment :: MINI-DICTIONARY ON PACKAGE




Jar a kind of glassware, a vessel with a wide neck. Now the most popular jar with a screwing cover Twist-off

Bottle a container for liquids, a high vessel with a narrow neck. Bottles are made of glass, plastic, aluminum, ceramics.

Transducer a constructively isolated element of measuring or controlling system, which converts physical quantity to a signal that is easy for picking-up or further usage and processing.

Conveyor belt a machine, flexible strip used to transport loose substances, piece objects or details.

Conserves different kinds of vegetable and animal products, people use as food, that conserve (. conserver) from spoiling by different means. It is a broad concept. It can be understood as pickling food - salted cabbage, cucumbers, fish, dried mushrooms etc..But as a rule by conserves we mean food preserved from spoiling by airtight covering, which can be produced in tins or glass jars.

Controller a device concerned with transducers and executive equipment of a control object. It servers for measurement of transducers data and transmission it to higher equipment PCS (Process Control System)( server, stand ), control of a unit according to loaded algorithm or operators orders, and if there is such a necessity, proceed work of the object.

Cereal food that consists of whole or crushed grains of different cultures. Cereal is mainly made of cereals (millet, buckwheat, rice, corn), other crops (barley, oat, wheat) and legumes (pea, lentil ). To cereals we also refer flakes (oat, corn), expanded grain (rice, wheat), sago and other cultures.

Shrink-wrap is produced according to state standard specifications 25951-83, made of high pressure polyethylene, grades 15803-020, 15813-020, 10803-02, 15313-003 and other recommended by state standard specifications16337-77. It also can be made of foreign grades of polyethylene. It is used in different branches of industry for packaging of piece products and for collation packaging of production on underpans, in boxes, trays etc.. Shrink-wrap is elastic, has mechanical strength and waterproof property, easy changes linear measures under the influence of temperature, that makes it possible to shape it into packaging production. It is used for packaging of polygraphic production, products of woodworking, food industy, beer, beverage foods, products, household appliances, building materials.

Polyvinylchloride (PVC) a plastic material that was made as a result of experiments with rubber and metal. This film is meant for individual and collation package of boxes, books, cassettes, bakery, and confectionery. This is a wrapper for food, bottles for oil, blister packs. A type of PVC, center fold film, is usually used for shrink-wrapping machines. PVC is inexpensive, noncombustible and easy in production material.

Polypropylene (PP) is used in production of packaging film, tare (baskets, cages) and ware for microwave ovens.

Polystyrene ( PS) is used in production of cases, trays, underpans, ware for fast-food, boxes for compact disks.

Polyethylene( PE ) a plastic material that was made as a result of experiments with different chemicals under high pressure. Polyethylene became very popular in war industry, and then in consumer sphere. It is used for flexible and hard tare, Flexible tare: packets, kites, bags, sacks, films etc.. Hard tare: boxes, containers, bottles, cassettes, vessels, ampoules, pallets, underpans etc..

High density polyethylene (HDPE) is used in production of pallets, agricultural film, bags, coverings, tare (boxes), and stretch film.

Low density polyethylene (LDPE) is used in production of tare, containers, bottles for milk and detergents, bags, sacks, wrappers, industrial packaging.

Polyethylene terephtalate (PET) is used in production of bottles, films and other package for food. It is used for hard tare, It actively excludes glass in bottle production. In some decades it became a popular consumer product.

Nondrive roller conveyer a device that is used for transportation of goods on rolls manually at short distances. Roller conveyers (drive, nondrive, inclined, fan) are produced in different configurations.

Self-adhesive labels self-adhesive stickers, stickers, labels - more often are used for design of different goods, sometimes even successfully substitute dry labels. It happens as a result of consumer product market changes, because label flexographic printing technology and label printing have have indisputable advantages:

1. A huge range of facestock and bonding materials;

2. A vast range of surfaces for self-adhesive labels;

3. Different potentialities of label decoration n the process of their production;

4. Large capacity of self-adhesive stickers printing;

5. Low prices for labeling machinery in comparison with applicators for dry labeling;

6. Possibility of fast reset of labeling line while conversion to new dimensions and material of self-adhesive labels

Heat tunnel is a construction that consists of a processing chamber, conveyor, unit for cooling of finished product and bearing base with controlled screw-type bearings. Under a shroud of the processing chamber are electric heating elements that provide heating of work space in the chamber to shrinkage temperature of packaging material. The conveyor belt is used for movement of production to the processing chamber and output of finished package. A cooling fan for finished product accelerates its cooling-down after outputting from the processing chamber.

Packaging a work complex on preparation of goods for transportation and storage, safekeeping and also materials that are used with this purpose.

Bakery products a joined name for a group of the foodstuffs, that are cooked by baking, steaming or roasting of pastry that is composed of flour and water at the least. Salt is added in most cases, a leavening agent (yeast) is used. Some spices (like caraway seeds) and grains (beniseeds, poppy seeds) are added to some sorts of bread. Seeds also serve as a decoration.