п»ї Balenko Plant of packing equipment :: TARE AND PACKAGING CLASSIFICATION




Main features for tare and packaging classification are: purpose, material, composition, construction, production methods. 

On purpose tare and packaging can be divided into tote box, distribution, consumer, special (conserving) packaging. 

Consumer tare and package are  designed for selling goods to consumers, often are a part of goods and are included to goods value, and after  selling become consumer property. They, as a rule, are designed for separate transportation and are transported in distribution tare. Consumer tare has restricted mass, capacity and dimensions. In most cases its total perimeter should not be bigger than 600 mm. 

Distribution tare is a separate transport unit that is  designed for transportation, storage of production. 

Tote box package is  designed for inner shop, plant and interplant  transportations and storage of raw materials, materials, half-finished products, workpieces, finished articles and  waste products. 

Depending on used material tare and package are divided in glass, wooden, metallic, polymeric, paper, cardboard etc.. 

Using of packaging material as a feature for classification makes it possible to select it on the base of physical, chemical, hygienic, biological and other properties of production. Besides polymeric tare can be identified by a polymer’s name of which it is made E.g.: polyethylene, polystyrene, poly ethylene terephthalate. 

Package is classified by composition (tare and packaging aids ), by different structural features: form, size.

Depending on production methods package is divided in blow, cast, pressed, thermoformed, welded polymeric tare and package.