Balenko Plant of packing equipment :: CHOOSING AND BUYING OF MACHINERY




The first step to buying of machinery is a request to the producer of packaging machinery, where you should inform important data about batching product and also demands to your package.

  • product for packaging, its properties (aggressivity to corrosion, hygroscopicity etc.). You should not be sure that the producer knows characteristics of all products, especially taking into consideration the fact that some important characteristics are different in various countries.
  • volume weight and its changes ( volume weight characteristic by sorts, changing in batches, but constant, that plays an important role in batching etc..)
  • overall dimensions and packaging form;

Your request with a proposition sould be good founded.In return the producer can give you valuable recommendations.

An important thing that you should include to your request is required machine operating speed (time step per minute) that, without resorting to the norms, can be easily and accurately established on the base of annual production volume: annual production (million pcs.) of a single-shift work enterprise is approximately tenfold productivity per minute, and annual production of a enterprise with some shifts is correspondingly lesser. Production resource of different machines is not equal, that is why required capacity should be rounded up for machines demanding mechanical services and rounded down for simpler machines.

Estimated recommendations help to justify your decision on capital investments. For that reason that should analyse offers from different points of view. Among these assessments you can find the same ones for all capital investments and special just for packaging machines.

Four criteria can be marked out, which are of great importance for any capital investments: amount of capital investments, packaging material costs; delivery of machines and labour requirements.

You should compare just those offers that meet previously set requirements. You should not consider the chipset offers of execution if later they wont meet packaging requirements. But if one of offers seems to you interesting despite of meeting requirements you should review set requirements and analyse offers again.

After that analyse offers taking into account the following points:

1.The sum of investments like many other costs should be advisably valued at productiveness, i.e. the number of packagings per time unit.

Current costs should be divided into two kinds: the main packaging materials costs and another costs connected with machinery exploitation. Here should be only underlined there is no packaging machine with a low cost and could run on the cheap packaging means. Installation of expensive packaging machine is paid back owing to the possibilities of using the cheap packaging materials. In support of what has been said we can mention that one packaging machine produces several millions packagings a year and even the miserable economy gives a substantial sum by such a large volume of output.

It is recommended to get a packaging machine that could run with using of home-produced materials or materials imported from the Third World countries that allows for costs saving of packaging output. Only in exceptional circumstances, an import of permanent character should be foreseen, stable during many years.

3.It is more difficult to account current costs connected with packaging machinery exploitation. Energy costs can be defined on the basis of technical factors but as usual the maintenance costs, repair and especially acquisition of reserve parts has considerable importance. These cost items more or less are proportional to capital investments but they can turn out inversely proportional and considerably increase in total volume of current costs having a low quality and cost of packaging machine.

4.Estimation of labour costs is important from the point of view of exploitation costs economy. A number of machine serving staff is not far proportional to its power and it is defined by work on hand. In this regard it is very important to analyse the circle of costs in machine exploitation. Some methods of work can noticeably differ:

  • Replenishment with packing and auxiliary materials ( especially labour-intensive activity);
  • Operations in selection of samples and regulation of sample precision and their labor input depends on the methods and sample precision;
  • Assessment of labour costs for default packaging removal;
  • Account of consumer packagings in formation of multiple unit package etc.

5.Machine reliability influences an efficient working time fund and labour costs in repair but to estimate its labour intensity is difficult. First of all the level of reliability can be judged by reference pattern. The technical level of labour training in machine serving and repair is not the least of factors of exploitation costs.

6. In specific cases one type of highly productive packaging machines is essential in great quantity. Before making the final decision of their purchase one can get a sample of the machine like this and carry out a test production. If there is no own expertise, the decision can be made on the basis of various documentation, for example the materials on order lists and their consumers, opinions on exploitation etc. It is very useful to be acquainted with machine running organized by the producer. A technical expert in packaging field can notice, for example, how many workers serve the machine, the cases of machine disrepair frequency, how it starts after stoppage, the size of culling level, the accessibility of machine separate units, its output per shift etc.

7.You should acquainted not only with the selected machine but with its producers particularly with a firm position. The essential information applies first of all to the procedure of ordered machine delivery and collation them with spare details in future. If the packaging machine is delivered, its efficient exploitation is provided only in the case of systematic supply with spare details on the part of producer. Therefore, one must be known for sure that the producer will exist till then the machine depletes its resources. In Comecon countries situation quite differs. Bankruptcy does not threaten a company. The producer must provide a machine with spare details from the beginning of machine launching in line within 10 years ( machines are often exploited by maturity.

The provision with spare details is noticeably simplified if the producer has the presence of service department.

9.The lifetime of a machine is the economic aspect towards technical run-out and obsolescence. Well managed consumer goods packaging production with extended period can compete in the marketplace of consumer goods for many decades. In this case it should be reasonable to invest more means in purchase of a long-life machine. It is better to invest means in new technique because of rapid obsolescence than to purchase the machine with the old period of the start of line production. In essential case packaging production for goods having no prospects is riskily. There is no need to overpay a lot for a long-life packaging machine.

10.The value of assurance should be understood not only in the possibility of its sales ( the client needs the strong machine in running but not the assurance) but also what the producer undertakes the commitments towards assurance. Certainly, irrespective of it the assurance abilities must be used. The assurance of the producer for packaging machines applies not only to the quality of production but also includes 3 or 4 assurance commitments because of its exploitation:

Use assurance provides the machine running of certain goods packing with using of prescribed packaging materials and means;

Accuracy assurance provides appropriate accuracy of certain goods;

Having production assurance, supplier company undertakes the commitments of the provision of definite per cent value of production on fixed basis towards nominal one for a long period ( as usual 1-2 eight-hours shifts); this commitment itself includes also use assurance;

Having the reclamation assurance, the producer undertakes the commitments for account of his own means to remove technical troubles and defects of materials for definite time (more often than not one year in use one or two shifts.

Another approaches of packaging machine evaluation are also possible. Among them it should be mentioned only several: the degree and ability of variation leveling of volume weight inside the batch of goods, method and labour intensity of leveling by more rigid regulation of volume changes; ability to change production of another goods or another packaging unit: labor costs in production change etc.

12.Conditions of supply in the ratio of order of payment, periods etc.

13. Satisfaction of requirements of packaging technique causes qualitative approach. The time of decision towards capital means investments comes after evaluation of proposal. The preparatory period comes to end and the period of capital investments assimilation starts. Because of the decision-making it is worth bringing into focus that the value of singular factors can be various depending on particular conditions and other not mentioned factors can come into effect.Conditions of supply in the ratio of order of payment, periods etc.

14.It is important to know that in the case of packaging line delivery accounted of several units, one or more producers supply these units. It is better that machines are produced by the same enterprise because serious problems will not appear during the installation of their coupled running. The position is acceptable when that operating company, one concluded a contract of delivery with, is able to solve the problem of machine in-line connection. But the situation is risky when the representative of the producer and several enterprises make the machine delivery. In this case it is not always easy to remove defects because of the lack of subsuppliers during the installation. The most serious risk appears in that case when the singular machines of a single current line are supplied each one under the singular contract. Under the circumstances like these, the risk of capital means manager disproportionately increases in comparison with the expected economy of packaging technique deliveries.

  • desired packaging units
  • desired level of product protection by package and description of supposed packaging facilities;
  • production volume, estimated productivity and number of personnel
  • required machine operating speed (time step per minute);
  • required batching accuracy;
  • method of multiple unit package or just size of such package
  • other demands (labeling, control etc..)